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| Many folk ask, ‘What are the aims and objectives of FR2R?’ | Why is FR2R a registered charity? | Why does FR2R need to raise funds? | How does FR2R fundraise? | What benefits have come about to the community and Forrester RFC? | What can you do to help FR2R? |
Many folk ask, ‘What are the aims and objectives of FR2R?’ top of page

Quite simply; ‘It is a charitable trust set up to attract, develop and retain young people to an inclusive sport (rugby) in a safe environment, to nurture their talents and encourage involvement into adulthood for the benefit of the individuals and the community. To promote the development of personal life skills, team working, self-discipline, social interaction and inclusion. To improve the fitness, health and diet of the participants and support the learning of new skills and practises, and thereby improve their employability, and as a consequence of these activities seek to discourage negative behaviour and substance abuse.’

Why is FR2R a registered charity? top of page

Members of Forrester RFC recognised some time ago that if the club were to survive, there was a need to go further than just providing facilities within the club for youngsters to participate in rugby during evenings and weekends. They identified that within the primary and secondary schools in west Edinburgh that a lot of work could be done to provide children with ‘taster rugby sessions’. To promote this work they would need not only volunteers but also a full time Community Development Officer (CDO). The best way of meeting this requirement was to form a charity. This was done in 2004.

Why does FR2R need to raise funds? top of page

There are wages to pay, vehicle, phone, and other expenses, kit to be purchased or renewed. All of this means that the Trust must raise annually at least £30,000 to keep going.

How does FR2R fundraise? top of page

From donations, other charitable Trusts, social events, and a partnership agreement with the Scottish Rugby Union.

What benefits have come about to the community and Forrester RFC? top of page

Every year FR2R has met it targets and expectations but the objective is not to stand still but to raise the crossbar continuously and show that Forrester RFC is a genuine community club who have a real interest in our youth and their development.

It is not the intention of FR2R that we produce only international or top class players, instead, we want youth to be involved in sport, not only as players but as administrators, youth leaders or whatever capacity they can assist to help others. We have encouraged a number to obtain Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs), attend youth leadership courses, several have obtained bursaries at a fee paying school, others have now matured into the adult ranks and playing for the senior Forrester RFC teams. Others have been selected for specialist training with different Edinburgh age groups. Lunch time and after school clubs are a regular feature, along with school camps, working in partnership with the police and other local organisations to provide facilities for sport and recreation in areas that are considered to be trouble spots. Our CDO (Gavin Sisson) has come through both the Forrester RFC and FR2R system.

What can you do to help FR2R? top of page

There are a number of things (besides putting your hand willingly into your pocket or fundraising) that would greatly assist. Volunteers are always needed to take coaching sessions during evenings and weekends, referees, match officials, persons to set out pitches, transport children to and from games (note there is a FR2R minibus available), catering, tuck shop, organise or support fundraising events. The list is almost quite endless.

If you would like to assist carry on this worthwhile work then please contact any of the undernoted persons,