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We are an over 35's team who play various friendlies and in Golden Oldies Rugby Festivals.
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Rho RFC Rugby festival02-Feb-2011 22:07  top of page
Milano, Italy
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Dear All


I had the pleasure to play with your team 2 years ago at the Golden Oldies in Edinburgh and meet again some of your players in Sydney.

My old club in Rho ( few miles from Milano) organise each year in June a Veteran Tournament for players 35 and above

This year the tournament will take place on saturday June 18th

There will be 6 to 8 teams including 1 probably 2French teams.

It will be a pleasure having the Forresters playing at our tournament and enjoy our hospitality, parties and also have the possbility to enyoj Milano, as the tournament take place all day on Saturday either Friday or Sunday can be dedicated to sightseen as Rho is only '20 by train to Milano

Possibly the organisation could be

Arrival on Friday

Party in the evenening at theclub house

Saturday Tournament

Saturday evening Party

Sunday visit of Milano

Departure Sunday evening or Monday

Hotel night will be at around 40 Euro (35 £)per person including breakfast

Flights: you have at the moments flights below 100 £ with easy jet that flight to Milano Malpensa airport

If you don ' t have a full team we will be able to fill in with Italian or other nationality players.

Looking forward to your reply and I wish you a successful 2011


Massimo Ferrari ( Rugby Rho  Italy / Rugby Gennevilliers Paris)

Carrick 201108-Sep-2010 21:13  top of page
29-Apr-2011 - 02-May2011
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Emirates Airline Edinburgh 7s 201108-Sep-2010 20:54  top of page
Emirates Airline Edinburgh 7s 2011 28-May-2011 09:00 Murrayfield Stadium
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CALL 0131 346 5180 OR CLICK HERE
Carrick 2010 Photos available 16-May-2010 10:52  top of page
click to view full image for : Carrick 2010 Photos available Carrick Photos available
Carrick Friday
Carrick Saturday
Carrick Sunday
Carrick Monday

Carrick By Scammie
Carrickfergus Tour Meeting26-Apr-2010 06:23  top of page
Tuesday 27th April 8.30pm (After Training)
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All tourists must attend on Tuesday to pick up Tour rugby tops and t-shirts and get any other relevant information.
An Ode to the Carrick Tour 200906-May-2009 12:22  top of page
by Podge (aged 25½)
click to view full image for : An Ode to the Carrick Tour 2009 April the 30th 2009, the Green Machine set sail.
To play some rugby, meet new friends and enjoy the occasional ale.
We met at Edinburgh Airport, on a Thursday afternoon.
Forgotten fancy dress costumes, don’t worry Johnny it’ll get here soon.

We arrived in Belfast, Ireland, our chariot awaiting.
A group of athletes, fighting fit, of that there was no debating.
We dropped our bags at Dobbins, which was to be our home.
Then went in search of the famous black gold, topped with half an inch of white foam.

Several juices later and up to the club for a game.
I Think Carrick sneaked it by a try, what a terrible, terrible shame.
Andy and Norrie stood up to represent us and say a few well chosen words.
Not the most commonly used ones on tour though, they were the more simple ... awright burds.

The last Jim Robertson trophy given away then given back again.
A huge collection for Motor Neuron Disease so our efforts weren’t in vain.
The speeches now were out the way and the drinking could begin.
Fat Gaz kept tripping over though, his feet caught in the bin.

Friday was a drinking day, a civic reception with the Mayor and some free beer.
Robin bowing and putting our birthdays in her diary, we really showed no fear.
Coco’s anti-bantzing was next, with his paedo’s cagool all shiny and green.
Still don’t know who owned the monstrosity but its likes I’ve never seen.

The boys were in the marquee that night to prepare for Saturday’s contest.
A few pints, a few chasers, lots of vodka red-bulls, but no chance of a pint of Best.
Back to Dobbins for an after-party but a certain tourist wasn’t there.
A trip to the underpass for Podge, I hope the poor girl’s hickey wasn’t sair.

Saturday meant the 7s, with Stookie’s boots making him look fancy.
A human pyramid as a warm-up, our tribute to Johnny Glancy.
Some frustrated players on the pitch but the pram stayed full of toys.
Some glorious weather for the spectators and Dougs bevvying wi the boys.

And so then on to Saturday night and the much awaited fancy dress.
5 Scottish poofs from the YMCA, was the one that I liked best.
The Bay City Rollers deserve a mention as does Norrie the World’s worst tranny.
Where did he get those clothes from, his personal collection or from my Granny?

And so we woke on Sunday morning, and prepared for the final day.
Back up to the rugby club to watch a young man called Serevi play.
He side-stepped and he goose-stepped but was all this in vain?
He doesn’t wear pink socks, he’s not called Podge and his boots don’t say his name.

We were in the marquee again that night for the final night on tour.
The young team chatting up the birds but the pickings they were poor.
The old team faired much better though with McCulloch as their front runner.
6 foot 4 and 20 stone, she really was a stunner.

So Monday morning dawned and breakfast attendance was rather slow.
10 o’clock came and went and the fine bucket began to grow.
We packed our bags and waited forever, was the bus coming from the south of France?
Giving young Aiden plenty of time and an audience to perfect his anti-bantz.

And so the tour was over and we returned to normal life.
Presents for the kids, getting the washing on and apologising to the wife.
So thanks to the boys and “hingers on” it really was a pleasure.
Another tour under the belt, full of memories I shall treasure.

As the week moves on, and the depression starts to settle.
The worst part of the day is that the first drink comes out of a kettle.
Every so often a memory appears, and to make it linger I do try.
Podge, what did you have for breakfast? A greasy Ulster ffffffrrrrrrrryyyyyyy!

Carrick Tours - Are you going or have you been?16-Apr-2009 20:27  top of page
click to view full image for : Carrick Tours - Are you going or have you been?


If you have been to Carrick or are going this year, logon to the forrester web site and edit you profile under players and enter all the tours you have been on or are going on. This is essential information need for tour programs badges and a bit of fun, any ideas give me a shout


Carrickfergus 200913-Nov-2008 16:31  top of page
click to view full image for : Carrickfergus 2009 The trip is now from Thursday 30th April to Monday 4th May 2009.
We have been invited over a day early to play the Jimmy Robertson Memorial Trophy on the Thursday evening 6pm ko under floodlights. Carrickfergus are then putting on a meal to celebrate 30 years of out attendance at the 7's.
Dress will be Kilts, brogues/shoes and a specialy designed Polo shirt which will be worn by both teams. The Polo shirts are being sponsored by Bill Crymble from Forever Living Products Ireland Ltd.

Flights are now available with Easy Jet
Outward journey Thursday 30th April approx 2pm
return journey Monday 4th May approx 3pm

Carrickfergus 200917-Aug-2008 14:55  top of page
30th Anniversary Tour. May 2009
click to view full image for : Carrickfergus 2009 It is the time of year to start thinking about your end of season trip (or rather saving up for it). The notice for Carickfergus 2009 will be going up in the club in the next week.
As it is the 30th Anniversary Tour demand will be high and only the first 35 will be in Dobbins with the remainder probably in the Coast Road, so let me know ASAP if you are going.

The cost of the trip is 130 pounds which covers accommodation,tour rugby top and tour t-shirts,Dougie Brown will be in the club on a Saturday before games so tourists can give him money as part of the savings club.
A deposit of 50 is required by 1st November 2008 with the remainder to be paid by January 31st 2009.

Carrick Photos Available08-May-2008 22:36  top of page
click to view full image for : Carrick Photos Available Carrick Photos
What real rugby players do when they can't get to Carrick04-May-2008 17:58  top of page
click to view full image for : What real rugby players do when they can't get to Carrick
Just to show you that when I can't get to Carrick I can still fall over. To see the real action click here or if you missed that one to prove it was no accident click here.
The Boys Arrive in Carrick02-May-2008 10:13  top of page
click to view full image for : The Boys Arrive in Carrick

The boys have arrived.

Exclusive new hair cut only for clowns from Mars.

Wales V Scotland 201027-Feb-2008 05:34  top of page
I was down in Swansea for the Welsh trip and it seemed to me that all the teams we play on a regular basis had teams down and playing that weekend and when asked where Forrester were I had to inform them that there were about 5 guys down in total all over Wales.
We used to be a good touring club and would regularly take 40 plus guys to Wales.The intention now is to organise a Forrester Welsh tour for 2010 and get a game arranged also.

I am looking for volunteers to help organise this to do various different tasks.

Things To Try This Weekend09-Nov-2007 11:28  top of page


1. Innovative
2. Preliminary
3. Proliferation
4. Cinnamon


1. Specificity
2. Anti-constitutionalistically
3. Passive-aggressive disorder
4. Transubstantiate


1. Thanks, but I don't want to have sex.
2. Nope, no more booze for me!
3. Sorry, but you're not really my type.
4. Donner Kebab? No thanks, I'm not hungry.
5. Good evening, officer. Isn't it lovely out tonight?
6. Oh, I couldn't! No one wants to hear me sing karaoke.
7. I'm not interested in fighting you.
8. Thank you, but I won't make any attempt to dance, I have no coordination. I'd hate to look like a fool!
9. Where is the nearest toilet? I refuse to pee in this car park or on the side of the road.
10. I must be going home now, as I have to work in the morning.

Carrick Photos13-May-2007 13:00  top of page
click to view full image for : Carrick Photos Carrick Photos available for viewing click here