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Forrester Rubies

We are an over 35's team who play various friendlies and in Golden Oldies Rugby Festivals.
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Cup Restructuring from Season 2009/201028-Jun-2009 10:15  top of page
As voted for at the SRU AGM next seasons cup competitions will be run in three separate categories.
First category will be the premiership teams.
Second Category will be the national teams.
Third category will be the regional teams.
It will be run on a knock out basis so no second chances, one defeat and you are out.
The idea behind this is to reduce fixtures for the season and on health and safety grounds, seemingly we are being done a favour as we could be injured playing against the big premiership players (arent you glad we will now dodge that bullet).
Experimental Law Variations05-Jun-2008 07:05  top of page
Implementation August 2008
I have sent everyone an Official Guide to the changes, if you have not received them or are not on the mailing list drop me an e-mail and I will send it to you.

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